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We understand that “healthy” looks unique for each individual. Because of that, we focus our curation on healthful, clean, sustainable foods that serve as a foundation for a wide range of eaters.

Within our descriptions, we take care to mention qualities or offerings that make an option particularly suited for certain diets (e.g. plant-based, gluten-free). So, be sure to explore our descriptions and linked menus to find the best fit for you!

To focus your search results on the closest locations, be sure to:

(1) Enable location sharing within your browser. (See Best Practices #1 for more scoop on location sharing.)

(2) Click “Near Me” at the top left of the search screen. This will filter options based on your current geography.

On the home page, we highlight top picks in the Featured Healthy Best Bets section. Choose one of our curated collections by clicking on the associated picture.

Once you land on the page displaying our selections, hit “Near me” in the top left to ensure we’re giving you the closest picks!

On the app’s home page, hit the “Eat/Drink” button.

You can also select “Eat/Drink” in the “what” search box and hit search.

Then select “Near Me”. 

Yes! Select the location in the location dropdown. If we have coverage, you’ll see the location listed. 

You’re ahead of us! We’re rolling out locations in phases and haven’t yet rolled out that location. To cast your vote to prioritize that location, be sure to shoot us an email at support@healthyanywhere.

At the top of the app in the filters panel, you’ll see a button that says “Open Now.” Click on that to apply that filter. If that button is blue, the filter is being applied!

To turn the filter off, simply click it again. 

Yep! At the top of the app in the filters panel, you’ll see a button that says “Price.” Click to choose which price tiers you’d like to view. You can make more than one selection to include multiple price tiers.

Feedback & Contact

Absolutely! We’d love to know any spots you’ve discovered. In the top right corner of the app, you’ll see a + Add Listing” button. Click that to submit your recommendation. We’ll make sure it aligns with Healthy Anywhere’s criteria, and if all looks a-okay, we’ll get it added!

Within each listing, at the bottom of the right panel, you’ll see a flag with “See something wrong?” Click the “Report Now” link below it to let us know what needs to be updated. We so appreciate you helping us catch any inaccuracies!

We’d be glad to assist. Email us at support@healthyanywhere.com

Account & Payment

If you’re on the login screen, you can select “Forgot Password” to have a new randomly generated password emailed to you. 

If you’re logged in, at the top right, click your name then “Update Profile.” At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a section to update your password.

We’re sorry to see you go! Fees are paid annually and are non-refundable. You can cancel anytime prior to your renewal date. Refer to your initial purchase receipt email, or email us at support@healthyanywhere.com

Bummer! We wish Healthy Anywhere worked out for you. To avoid fees, cancel at least 1 day before the end of your trial period. Refer to your initial sign up email for the link to cancel. 

Do keep in mind — we’re constantly iterating, designing our offering based on your feedback. If you want to help shape the app to meet your own needs and desires, we’d love for you to stick around!