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Best Practices

Quick tips for the best experience

For the best experience, share your location when prompted by your browser. This allows the app to know where you are and in what time zone. If you decline location sharing, both the “Near Me” and “Open Now” features will not work properly.

If you already declined location sharing, you can set it up in your browser’s settings. In most browsers, you’ll find this option within Location Services under Privacy. If you’re having trouble, email us at 

If you like smart filters as much as we do, the “Healthy eats” selection is your new BFF.

This makes our preset filters – like Organic, Dairy-free, locally sourced, etc – appear. 

Click the “Healthy eats” icon from the homepage, or find it under “All Categories”. Anything under “Healthy eats” works too – for example, if you only want to see ‘Fast Casual’ options, choose that.

Use our filters to select or deselect as you want.

More filters = fewer results. 

Have a strong preference for future filters? Let us know by emailing We love your feedback! 

When searching, you face a fork in the road: 

(A) Use our “Healthy eats” filters (e.g. good greens, healthy fish, mindful meats…) 


(B) Enter text in the field to search at top (e.g. type in “vegan” at the top).


Combining text search and “Healthy eats” filters don’t work so well at this point.  (When you enter vegan or outdoor in text search and then try to make the Healthy eats filters appear – this overrides your text search)


You can always enter a location (San Francisco, etc) and use the Price, Near me, and Open Now filters either way. 


If you ever get stuck, click our logo to go back to the homepage and start a new search or click “Healthy eats” to reset a fresh filter view. 


Have a different way you want it to work? Let us know by emailing We love your feedback! 

Wanna see what’s near you right now that we might recommend? Click “Near me” and the results are sorted by what’s closest. You’ll also see the exact distance. 

To turn off the filter, click “Near me” again. (“Open Now” and Price filters works similarly)

You may see a slider that sets the distance range, defaulted to 150 miles. No need to change this setting, unless you want to increase distance. 

Remember, this only works if you’ve allowed location sharing on your current browser/device  (see #1: “Be sure to share your location”)!  

“Open now” works best after you’ve first filtered your view with a specific city or by using “Near me”.

If you ever click “Open Now” and see places from other cities it’s because: 

a) you aren’t using “Near me” or 

b) you have no city filter. 


Set one of these and you should be good. 

And of course, this only works if you’ve allowed location sharing on your current browser/device (see #1: “Be sure to share your location”)!